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Faster Internet: Get ready for 4G with Orange

Orange and the 4G EE NetworkFaster Internet: Get ready for 4G with Orange

EE's 4G network went live on 30th October 2012. Buy your Orange 4G-ready phone today and you're able to upgrade to an EE contract for free, at any time. 4G coverage is currently available, only with EE, in 37 UK cities, covering an entire 45% of the UK population. A further 37 cities, towns, and the surrounding rural areas are being switched on to 4G by June 2013. Check out the current 4GEE coverage list on our 4G Comes to the UK page. Constantly expanding their network and currently rolling out ahead of schedule - there's only one way to go, and it's 4GEE.

Even if you're not yet covered, you can get ready for superfast internet with an Orange 4G phone today. Check out which handsets are available and brace for some high speed surfing.

What is 4G?

4G is the next step forwards in mobile network technology, after 3G. It provides faster download speeds offering 100MB per second for fast-moving connections (for example, if you were accessing the web whilst in a car or train), and 1GB per second for stationary internet connections. With average home broadband speeds reaching an average of only 9.6Mbps, you can see why we call 4G Superfast!

This also means that 4G is the perfect technology to provide rural areas with fast broadband access, without the need for expensive cable connections. The signal is sent from a mobile phone mast to routers in homes and to mobile telephones, and provides fast internet access. And the good news for Orange and prospective EE customers is that following Ofcom's recent announcement of February 2013, EE have been allocated over 40% of the total 4G spectrum. The current 1800Mhz band which their 4G network operates on will be joined by big chunks of the 800MHz and 2.6GHz bands by Spring 2013. If that means nothing to you, let us summarise: basically, EE are going to be able to roll out 4G coverage to rural areas as well as urban within a period of months. Not only will you belong to the first 4G network, you'll also be able to belong to the one with the broadest coverage.

Can I get 4G on Orange?

Currently the only way to get 4G in the UK is on the newly launched EE network. Orange, T Mobile and EE are all part of the same family so it is incredibly easy to switch over, and what's more, it's free.

But if you're not quite sure that 4G is for you just yet, you can buy a 4G enabled phone on Orange and you'll have the simple opportunity to move your contract over to EE whenever you want. 

You'll also be happy to hear that Orange are committed to enhancing their 3G speeds, as well as their 4G. By March 2013, all 3G customers will be able to access the extra fast 3.5G DC-HSDPA signal, which (in non techy-speak) is basically the halfway point between traditional 3G speeds and superfast 4G. Provided your phone is DC-HSDPA enabled (and most are, these days) you'll be getting 3 and a half G's worth of speed. Not bad.

Switching to EEGet ready for 4G with Orange

Because EE is now the parent company of both Orange and T Mobile, you'll see an "EE" signal appearing on your phone's display where you would have previously seen "Orange", even if you don't have a 4G phone. That's because it is all part of the same coverage, and the same company. If you do have a 4G-enabled phone but are on an Orange contract, you'll still only be accessing the 3G part of the signal.

The process to change over to EE is simple. You will be able to go into any Orange shop on your high street and ask to switch over your contract. The process is designed to be as straight forward as possible. Alternatively, you can call Orange on 150 from your Pay Monthly handset, or 450 from your Pay As You Go handset, and ask for your options to switch over.

When you switch over to EE you will also be able to get EE's Fibre Broadband in your home. This makes managing your bill much easier as it will be all handled by one account and you can get superfast internet at home and on the go.

As if that's not enough of a reason to consider getting a 4G enabled phone from Orange, why not check out the difference that 4G can make for yourself. Read on for more info about how to get a 4G enabled phone and also how to buy a 4G sim.

Orange 4G Phones

Get a head start on superfast internet and buy a 4G ready phone from Orange. This LTE version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 brings stunning performance, usability and ultra quick internet. But it's not the only 4G phone from Samsung if you fancy a superfast phone with a Touch Wiz interface. There's also the Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE version of their award winning flagship smartphone.

Or, there's the Orange HTC One. This incredible HTC handset is great for music lovers as it comes with Beats Audio enhancements and the ability to stream high quality music rapidly over EE's 4G network. Alternatively, If you're looking for a true 4G bargain, you can try out the superfast 4G-Ready Nokia Lumia 820, free from £20.50/m!.

4G Sim Only4GEE SIM-Only

You can already get 4G sim only plans from EE. They offer you the cheapest way to get browsing online at superfast speeds. With an EE Sim Only tariff you can select the length of your contract with ease and choose your data allowance today.

For more information about prices and availability see our official 4G store that brings you all the best 4G Sim Only deals straight from EE.

Orange 4G iPhone 5

Last but certainly not least is the amazing iPhone 5. It's 4G capabilities are only compatible with the 1800MHz band, and EE is the only network that offers 1800MHz 4G connectivity. Even when other networks start offering 4G contracts later this year, they won't be on an 1800MHz frequency. So if you want an iPhone 5, and you want to use it on 4G, EE is simply the only way to go!

What to expect from Orange and 4G

Expect broadband in your pocket! 4G is super-fast technology, and you'll notice a vast difference when you're streaming music or videos over your mobile signal. Everything you do online on your mobile phone or mobile broadband device will feel incredibloy fast and more responsive over a 4G network. No more waiting for buffering or data loading, get your data immediately!

Orange, as part of Everything Everywhere, are dedicated to providing their customers with top-class mobile signal, as they demonstrated with their Sharing Signal with T-Mobile. This ensures that as a customer of either company, you get 98% 3G coverage across the UK. By the end of 2014, that'll be 98% 4G coverage.

Meanwhile, keep an eye on this page and we'll keep you updated with the latest news and information on 4G technology!