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EE is the UK's largest and fastest 4G Network! If you need a business plan that will keep you connected at the fastest speeds, look no further than EE!

EE has won the Mobile Award's best business network for 2013 and 2014. So you can keep your business communicating confidently with EE!

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Business Pay Monthly Plans

With a range of phone plans that give you more flexibility in your contract, EE Business Pay monthly Phone plans are available on a 12 or 24 month basis. There's also plenty of allowances for you to find the right one for your needs. 

All EE business plans come with superfast 4G. What's more when you buy a £30 or above contract, you can share this data with up to 4 devices! There's also access to London Underground WiFi, as well as tethering included in your allowance!

Or if you decide to choose a 4G Extra plan, you get access to Double Speed 4G, as well as three hours of inclusive calls when you're abroad! (while in US or Europe, or calling those countries from the UK) 

If you're interested in purchasing a shared plan, you have two options: a Shared Plan for up to 4 devices, or a Business Connect Plan for larger businesses. 

Shared Plan

Perfect for any small business, EE's shared plans lets you add up to 4 devices to your contract. Each phone/tablet/broadband hub gets its own allowance of unlimited minutes, texts, and a share in a pool of 4G data.

Everything's included on one bill, for less hassle in your account management. It's also great value, beating the price you'd have to pay for individual plans! 

To get a Shared Plan, simply select an EE Business Pay Monthly Phone plan that's over £30 per month. Then you're free to add whatever 4 SIMS, Tablets, or Mobile WiFi devices you need. 

Business Connect Plan

If you have a large business and are looking for a shared plan, EE offer Business Connect. Business Connect gives you full control and flexibility, by allowing you to specify allowances for individual users. 

How Business Connect Works

1. Add a plan or device for each person
Choose a plan for each employee, with the ability to add any phones, tablets, SIMs and MiFi devices you wish.
2. Add shared data for use in the UK
Everyone gets access to Doublespeed 4G data, including when an individual allowance is finished.
3. Add shared calls and texts
Your minutes and texts can be used in the UK and from the UK to Europe & USA. You can also add extra countries as needed!
4. Add roaming calls & texts
For use when travelling abroad in Europe and USA. Again you can add extra countries as necessary here.
5. Travelling further afield?
Add key destinations including Australia, Canada, China, India, Israel, New Zealand, Pakistan and Turkey to your plan.
Business connect offers you maximum value, flexibility and control over your phone plan, so you can ensure you're not spending a penny more than you need to.
Find out more about Business Connect here. 


Add-ons are another way for you to save money with EE. Whether you want extra minutes, texts and data, or things like international calls, EE offer a wide range of extras. 

HD Calling

All new 4G phones from EE are HD-Voice ready at no extra cost! Just stick your SIM in and enjoy absolute clarity with your calls. 

WiFi Calls and Texts

Soon EE will be providing access to WiFi Calling, letting you connect to WiFi for calls, texts and internet. All without the hassle of third party apps and services, EE are streamlining communication to make sure you're always in touch. 

Mobile Broadband

With EE's 4G Mobile Broadband hub devices, you get access to the UK's largest 3G and 4G Networks. Simply pop your SIM, connect your 4G device and you'll have your own 4G bubble to take with you! 

Connect up to 10 devices with the portable EE Osprey and get everyone up to 4G speed.

Enjoy in-car WiFi with the EE Buzzard 2, so you can get important map information on the move, or keep your passengers busy online. 

Large Business (50+ employees)

EE also offers plans for bigger businesses with 50 employees and over. Why not take a look at the offers available here. EE Large Business Plans.