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Buying Guide - Your Guide to Buying a Mobile from Orange

Know what you want but not sure which phone is best? Know which phone you want but aren't sure which tariff to go for? Unsure whether to pick contract or pay as you go? We've got some advice that can help you choose the best phone for you.

Should I pick Contract or Pay As You Go?

Contract phones (also known as pay monthly) are available on 24 month plans, and offer generous allowances and the best value for money. Contract phones on Orange start free from just £11.99/m and the charges for calls and texts are usually lower than pay as you go. All contracts come with an inclusive data allowance that allows you to use the internet.

If you're looking for a cheap phone deal, take a look at our Orange Contract deals for £11.99. You'll get free texts, 500 minutes and 250MB of internet every month for just £11.99 a month. For most people this actually means a contract is a lower cost alternative to Pay As You Go.

Pay As You Go (PAYG) phones are a good idea if you are a very light user or want to keep a tight hold on your spending. You buy the phone outright, and then "top up" your phone's allowance whenever you want. PAYG phones are usually older and less attractive models, though some of our premium handsets are also available. Check out Orange Pay-As-You-Go phones.

Which phone is the best?

Like computers, phones behave differently depending on the software they're running, so a good place to start is our comparison of operating systems. Alternatively, check out our latest handsets if you want to be on the cutting edge, or our budget phones if you're conscious of getting a good deal.

For each of our phones we give you a quick overview of the phone's features, along with a list of specifications so you can make sure that your new phone has that must-have feature. You can also check out customer reviews or write your own. In general the better handsets are on more expensive tariffs, so your choice is mainly a trade-off between features and cost.

If you want to browse the web, large touchscreens are especially useful. On the other hand you may prefer a hardware keyboard if you want to send messages and emails - often these come with a smaller touchscreen or none at all. If you want to take photos, then look for phones with good cameras - these usually have a large number of megapixels (MP). If you want to listen to music then various phones offer unique audio technology to improve your listening experience.

Still can't decide? Check out our list of popular phones to see what other people have chosen.

What's the best tariff for me?

Orange's new tariffs make it easy for you to select one that fits your needs. All four provide a varied balance of minutes, texts, and data, while providing good value too. 

If you want to pick your tariff first, check out our Tariff Guide. Orange have a number of tariffs, represented by different animals:

  • The £11.99 tariff is ideal if you like to make calls and texts, but don't do much mobile internet browsing.  
  • The £16.99 tariff is perfect if you want a superb all-rounder, with lots of texts, minutes and a good data allowance.
  • The £21.99 tariff is great if you're a heavy internet browser, or even like to do some video streaming on the go.
  • The £27.99 tariff gives you the best of everything - you get unlimited minutes & texts, as well as a massive data allowance, great if you're looking to download heavily. 


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