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Turn your Mobile into a wallet with Quick Tap from Orange

If you're wondering "what is Orange Quick Tap", don't worry, we're here to help with our easy guide on how to use it when you buy a NFC Orange phone. Quick Tap mobile payments will replace small change! Instead of fumbling around trying to scrape together enough money to purchase your sandwich, simply tap your phone to pay for your items!

Best of all, when you get started on an Orange Quick Tap mobile - such as the extremely popular 4G-ready Samsung Galaxy S3 - Orange will give 5% cashback on any purchases you make in the first 90 days.

  1. 1. Get yourself a Quick Tap enabled phone - try the Samsung Galaxy S3!
  2. 2. Add credit using a compatible payment card
  3. 3. Choose your small items to purchase
  4. 4. Tap your phone on the reader... voila!

How does it work?Using NFC on Orange

You'll need an NFC-compatible phone to work in conjunction with the NFC sim card. The first phone on to be able to do this was the Samsung Tocco Quick Tap, and Orange are set to line up a range of mobiles in the near future. You'll also need any UK issued Mastercard or Visa debit or credit card to add credit onto your Quick Tap account. Use the Quick Tap App on your phone to manage the top-up and keep track of all your transactions. Voila! Your phone is now a wallet!

Where can I use Quick Tap contactless payment?

There's plenty of places that already accept contactless payments. Restaurants like Little Chef and McDonalds, Cafe's like Pret and Subway, and bars like the Slug and Lettuce all accept NFC payment phones that you can get from Orange. As this technology becomes more standard you'll start to see it in many more places all over the country. As it stands, there are already more than 100,000 UK stores where you can use your smartphone to pay.

What's the Technology?

Quick Tap contactless payment uses Near Field Communication technology. Near field communication, or NFC, is the next step in wireless communication! Electronic data is sent via radio signal from a chip to a receiver. You'll probably have seen it in operation, even if you don't know it - Oyster cards use it, and it is also in many electronic bus passes.

Is it secure?

Yes. The Quick Tap App keeps a record of all your payments, allowing you to monitor what you're spending. You can only add £100 credit at a time, and the maximum amount you can spend in one transaction using Quick Tap is £20.

Orange and NFC

Orange are the first network to introduce Near Field Communication technology to allow you to make payments using your mobile phone. This is the biggest transition since cash to plastic!

An Orange spokesman has said:

"We see a future where a consumer can use the mobile phone to spend on the high street, get discounts and redeem in store as well as use the phone as a ticket for the bus, train or access to a sports or music venue."

You will also be able to use the contactless technology on Orange Tags - find these at certain locations, tap your phone to them, and you'll be able to get information direct to your Quick tap - enabled mobile.

Expect more updates from Orange on Quick Tap - including an increased range of compatible handsets and more information on Tags. We will bring you all the updated news as we get it, so keep checking back at Store-Orange.

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