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Orange Remove Animal Tariffs

The Works to replace Orange animal tariffs

Orange Remove Sim Only Animal Tariffs

Back in April 2013, Orange removed their pay monthly SIM only animal tariffs and replaced them with a new set of plans offering generous minute and text allowances, plus an ample helping of mobile data. The whole process of choosing a SIM only deal was streamlined, so that instead of having four separate animal tariff structures, there's now just one to select from. We've broken down the new tariffs over on our Sim Only Deals page to try and make it as easy as possible for you to find your ideal plan. Alternatively, check out the table below to see the latest pricing.

New Sim Only Plans

This move away from animals also meant that some of the pay monthly Orange SIM Only price have changed. In order to make everything as clear as possible we've got this handy chart to help make the changes easy to understand. The new tariffs are meant to make things a lot simpler for you when choosing SIM plans.

£8 500 5000 100MB
£11 1000 unlimited 250MB
£16 2000 unlimited 500MB
£21 unlimited unlimited 1GB
£26 unlimited unlimited 3GB

Orange Remove Pay Monthly Animal Plans

Orange are always trying to make the tariff selection process easier to understand so that you can make the best decisions for your contract handset.

Up until October 2013, animal tariffs were still available on contract handsets - however, Orange's success in refreshing their SIM-Only range has now been extended to all pay monthly plans. Here's a quick look at what used to be on offer:


Orange CanaryOrange Canary

Lots of minutes and texts, but no data.

Free from £10.50 a month


Orange DolphinOrange Dolphin

Has a balanced mix of minutes, texts and data.

Free from £10.50 a month

Orange Panther

Orange Panther

Get a high data allowance and BT Openzone WiFi.

Free from £15.50 a month


orange-the-works-plans.jpgOrange The Works

Gives you unlimited minutes and texts and loads of data.

Free from £27 a month


New Pay Monthly Plans

Now the tariff range is much simpler, with only 4 core plans available. These are:

Orange 250MB - 500 minutes, unlimited texts and 250MB data

Orange 500MB​ - 1000 minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB data

Orange 1GB - unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and 1GB data

Orange 5GB - unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and 5GB data

While the number of tariffs available might appear limited, Orange are offering a range of payment options within each plan. Want to reduce your monthly cost? Then all you need to do is pick the tariff you want, and select an option that allows you to pay more upfront. For a full list of the options available, head over to our Orange tariff guide.