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Orange Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

Orange Samsung S3 Mini Deals

You can pick up a fantastic bargain on the Galaxy S3 Mini White with NFC today for only £16.99 per month. Absolutely jam packed with features that you'd never expect to find on a smartphone at this price range, you won't be disappointed with the amazing value on offer. If you don't fancy it in white, why not check out this Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Grey?

Orange Samsung Galaxy S3 MiniOrange Samsung S3 Mini Blue

With the Galaxy S3 Mini's release, Samsung introduced a smaller and leaner version of their premium Galaxy S3 model. Sporting a 4 inch screen the Mini Samsung Galaxy S3 is a smartphone that brings all of Samsung's great features and performance upgrades into a manageable sized package.

The smaller handset size means that the battery lasts longer, and also that we're able to offer it at a lower starting price than its bigger brother the S3! The S3 mini has landed on Orange with all of the design, durability and performance that Samsung were able to deliver with the original Galaxy S3.

We've had the chance to have a good poke around with our own Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini and love what we've found. It's light, durable and pretty nippy for the price.

Orange Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Specs

The Galaxy S3 Mini comes with a 4 inch, 480 x 800 Super AMOLED display, with a 1GHz dual-core processor, 16GB of internal memory, a five megapixel camera and Near Field Communications technology. All this comes together to make a great all round smartphone that looks great and has the specs to back it up. At the same time it's easily small enough to fit in your pocket without leaving you out of pocket.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Price

The Galaxy S3 Mini came to the UK at a price range around £220-£270 to buy outright, helping it rise the ranks of popularity due to its amazing value for first time smartphone buyers. However, there's no better way to get the S3 Mini on Orange than with one of our fantastic Store Orange tariffs. Check out our Samsung page for more options and more information. The new offer on the white S3 Mini of £16.99 per month makes this winning handset a real bargain!


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