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Samsung Tocco Quick Tap

A phone very much aimed at the affordable end of the touchscreen market, the Samsung Tocco Quick Tap nevertheless hides a surprisingly wide range of features inside its compact and lightweight body.



This mobile phone is no longer available.

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Samsung Tocco Quick Tap
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Delivery Information (Discontinued):

We're sorry, but this product has been discontinued.

Size and Weight

  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 104 x 53 x 11.9 mm
  • Weight (grams): 93.5 g


  • Bluetooth: Available
  • EDGE: Available
  • Email: Available


  • Accelerometer: Available
  • Java: Available


  • Primary Camera resolution: 3.2 megapixels

Memory and Software

  • Memory card slot: microSD up to 16GB


  • Colour Depth: 256 K colours
  • Display Resolution: 240 x 400
  • Display Size: 3.0"
  • Display Type: TFT
  • Touchscreen: Available

Music and Video

  • Radio: Available


  • Max. stand-by: Up to 720 hours
  • Max. talk time: Up to 10 hours
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Our Review - Store-Orange Staff - 24 April 2013 - 11:04am



Most noticeable is its "Quick Tap" feature - allowing you to use the Tocco to pay for a few items in a shop, all simply by tapping the phone to the shop's Quick Tap reader. It's the new way to pay! Want to find out more? Read all about Orange's contactless payment service.
Another great feature of the Tocco is its 3" touchscreen. Whether it be browsing through menus, surfing the web, tapping out texts on the onscreen keypad or the virtual QWERTY keyboard (switching between the two is done by simply turning the phone sideways), or even writing emails using the excellent and intuitive handwriting recognition, the Tocco Quick Tap makes them all as simple and straightforward as you could want.
Samsung's TouchWiz technology is the core of the user interface of the Tocco Quick Tap, allowing you to customise up to three different home screens with widgets that open different mini-applications, from calendars and world clocks to the web browser or MP3 and radio player. The new and superb Gesture Lock feature lets you program your phone so that drawing a letter or symbol on the unlock screen automatically unlocks the phone and starts an application, even dialling a particular contact if you want it to.
A good screen asks for a good camera to go with it, and the Tocco Quick Tap certainly delivers with its 3 megapixel. With Samsung's Smile shot technology, which monitors a face and automatically takes the photo once your subject is smiling, the camera is easy to use and perfect for everyday snapping.
If you're looking for a top-of-the-line music player or cameraphone, then you may want to look elsewhere, but for an affordable yet fully functional touchscreen phone, packed with the latest and greatest in wireless payment technology, the Samsung Tocco Quick Tap is a definite purchase. Great value for money in a small stylish body.

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