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Orange Signal Boost Phones: UMA technology

Orange Signal Boost UMA Phones

What is Orange Signal Boost?

If you get poor or even no coverage at home, you'll be interested in hearing about Signal Boost from Orange. Orange is the only network in the UK using UMA (or Unlicensed Mobile Access) technology - a signal boosting technology that Orange have added to a wide range of their mobile phones. UMA technology is available on a range of Android, Blackberry and Nokia handsets, it’s a breeze to set up - and most importantly it's free.

UMA technology works off a Wi-Fi signal allowing you to send and receive your text messages and phone calls over Wi-Fi rather than mobile signal. So if your phone is UMA compatible, and you have access at home to a Wi-Fi connection, you'll be able to send and receive calls and messages even if you've traditionally got poor signal, or no signal whatsoever! And once your Signal Boost handset is up and running all you have to do is keep your WiFi settings on to continue enjoying the benefits of a much better signal and a reliable connection.

In fact, this service works with any Wi-Fi service - so provided you have a UMA phone and the Wi-Fi signal strength is adequate, you'll be able to benefit from a signal boost when out and about, as well as at home!

Signal Boost On Orange Phones

The Signal Booster app comes with most Orange mobile phones - so if you're concerned about Orange signal in your home (even with their Share Signal partnership with T-Mobile, which extends coverage even further), UMA technology can ease your worries!

Note: As Orange phones are now unavailable to buy online, new customers will be unable to access UMA services. 

EE Signal Boosting 

If you're looking for a new handset, but are struggling to find network signal near you, EE have a solution at hand!

The EE Signal Box is a device that plugs into your broadband router, and creates a link between your Wi-Fi and EE's network. It works using 3G data, meaning that any 3G enabled phone can utilise the EE Signal Box. To find out if you can get a signal box, simply call EE customer services on 0800 956 641.


Orange Signal Boost is Free

To use Orange UMA technology you need to be an Orange customer and have a UMA capable phone. Then you can make use of this fantastic service at no extra cost whatsoever. UMA is a free service, and will not affect your Wi-Fi connection in any way. You're not charged extra for calls you make or texts you send while using Signal Boost - it all comes out of your regular allowances. And making a phone call will, in itself, only eat up a puny 100Kb/s of your bandwidth - so that's hardly a consideration either!

One thing to take note of is that you will have to have bought your phone directly from the Orange network, as UMA makes use of Orange-branded firmware. Only phones bought directly on either an Orange contract, or Orange pay as you go, are able to access the Signal Boost technology as this is technology that is only installed on Orange-bought devices.

How do I connect to Orange Signal Boost?

Simply turn on your Wi-Fi connection and your home router, and join the Wi-Fi network using your UMA-enabled mobile. An indicator in the corner of your screen will inform you of your successful connection via UMA technology. If you find that the UMA indicator displays "uma" in lower-case instead of capitalised "UMA", simply turn your mobile off and on again to re-establish the UMA connection.

Once you have joined, UMA will automatically switch on, and you will be able to get stunning signal for all your mobile needs! Below are instructions to connect to Signal Boost for various manufacturer's phones.


Android Signal Boost on Orange

Android UMA set up

  • Go to Applications, and select the 'Signal Boost' app
  • Select Wi-Fi Settings from the menu, and check the WiFi box
  • Select your network and enter the password/security key when prompted
  • You’re connected! Check the Signal Boost box and you’re done. To confirm the connection is successful, there should be a small green 'house' icon at the top of your screen


Blackberry UMA set up

Blackberry Signal Boost on Orange

    • Go to your homescreen, and select 'manage connections'. From here, select 'set up WiFi network'
    • On the next screen hit 'next', followed by 'scan for networks'.
    • Once your Network appears, select it and enter your security key or password.
    • Now your phone has found your Wi-Fi connection, you can set it as your preferred network. Go to 'options' > 'mobile network' and then change the connection preference to WiFi by pressing the 'menu' button. Select 'save'.
    • On your home screen, your phone will now display UMA when within range.

    Nokia Signal Boost on Orange

      Nokia UMA set up

      • Select the 'Signal Boost' app from your applications menu
      • Select 'available networks', and join your home network, entering your password or security key if required
      • Once Signal boost finishes pairing, it will automatically join the network whenever in range.